Visa requirements for long term stay

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Please note that this page is under revision and temporaryly only reflects basic information on the visa procedures for national visa.

General Information

Visa applicants who wish to apply for a long-term visa/national visa to Germany are kindly requested to submit all necessary documents to the German Embassy. You find information leaflets on the different types of visa and the necessary information at the end of this page.

Generally, the processing time for the decision on long term visa applications is about three months. Visa applications for family reunion involve a document check of Sri Lankan documents and usually take approximately six months, in some cases even longer. Please refrain from enquiries on the status of your visa application during the general processing time.


Please note that applications can only be submitted with a prior appointment.

Before making an appointment make sure to read carefully the Information leaflet which applies to your case.

Think about others: please cancel your appointment as soon as you know that you are not going to use it. You will enable other applicants to use that slot! “No-shows” (applicants who do not use booked appointments) will be monitored and if necessary registered. Late arrivals will be asked to reschedule.

So called “visa agents”

Applicants should bear in mind that there is no need to use an agent to apply for a visa. Please be informed that the German Embassy is not related to these agents in any way. Their service may be without any value and in no case will bind the German Embassy. 

Information leaflets

Getting married PDF / 213 KB

Reunification of Families PDF / 258 KB

Students PDF / 223 KB

Job seeker PDF / 208 KB

Au Pair PDF / 205 KB

Employment PDF / 205 KB

Self Employment PDF / 209 KB

Language Course PDF / 219 KB

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