Translation of documents / certifying the correctness and completeness of a translation

15.12.2020 - Article

Translations / confirmation of correctness of translations for German authorites

German authorities often require translations of foreign language documents. Whether a translation completed abroad may be used in Germany is a question that the authority requesting it decides at its own discretion.

Translations are classified as expert services, not as public documents. They can therefore not be certified by German missions abroad. As the Embassy does not employ qualified translators, it cannot offer a translation service either.

Translation services can be undertaken by a translator sworn in or certified in Germany. You may obtain addresses of translators in Germany from German Courts of Law. The Embassy has also put together a non-binding list of translators known to the Embassy in Colombo who translate German-English, English-German, German - Sinhala/Tamil or Sinhala/Tamil-German.

The translators listed work on a private basis, the Embassy does not accept any guarantee for the correctness of the translations they produce.


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