Certification of a copy

11.03.2021 - Article

The Embassy can certify copies as true copies of originals/certified copies: find more information here.

General Information

The Embassy can certify copies as true copies of originals/certified copies (by German authority) upon presentation of the original/certified document. A copy of a non-authenticated document cannot be certified.

An appointment is not required for the certification. For the opening hours please follow this link to the general information of the Embassy Colombo

Documents required

  • valid passport
  • all original documents that need to be attested


The fee of 23,97 Euro is charged per document to be attested. The fee is to be paid in cash in Sri Lankan Rupees or with credit card.

Attestation of documents required for studies in Germany

A student intending to study in Germany is entitled to a maximum of two sets of documents free of charge. Apart from the documents mentioned above, applicants must present the following:

  • Proof of residence in the jurisdiction of the Embassy (e.g. recent enrolment letter of a school, college or university, lease agreement, passport or ID-Card)
  • Copy of correspondence with the intended universities
  • List of required documents given by the university

Please note:

  1. Any person failing to present a proof of residence cannot be attended.
  2. In case no proof of intention of studying in Germany is being submitted, the above mentioned fees will be charged.
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