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14.04.2020 - FAQ

Maybe your question about national visa to Germany is answered here!


Yes. Under the amended Immigration Act which entered into force on August 28, 2007, foreign spouses have to prove they have at least a basic knkowledge of German unless one of the legal exemptions provided in Section 30 Paragraph 1 of the Residence Act applies. For detailed information on this, please consult the Information leaflet.

If you are in doubt please request further information from the Embassy when you apply for the visa.

The Embassy recommends the German language courses of the German cultural Center: the Goethe Institut.

We know from experience that students of the Goethe Institute have better chances to quickly achieve the German language certificate needed as it offers a variety of different courses adjusted to the different needs of the applicants as well as special exam preparatory courses. However, you are free to learn the language where and how you prefer (private lessons, language schools, distance learning, etc.). But finally you have to pass the exam at the Goethe Institute.

In order to prove sufficient German knowlegde to apply for a specific type of visa (e. g. family reunion, student etc.) you may submit a language certificate of any exam provider which is certified by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) and has a branch office with expatriate staff in Sri Lanka and/or the Maldives. At the moment only the Goethe Institute in Colombo (39 Gregory's Road, Colombo 7, Tel: +94(11)2694562) fulfills these criteria

According to Section 77, paragraph 2 of the German Residence Act and in line with established international practice, no reasons for a denial need to be given.

Even so the applicant may file a written appeal by hand, mail, fax or scanned document transmitted by email to this Embassy. For easier reference the reference number must be mentioned or a copy of the rejection letter should be attached. As the law places the responsability of proving all positive aspects in ones case on the applicant, you should clearly and concisely explain your objections, add any additional documents and/or give substantiated information why you believe that the decision of the visa officer was not correct.

Letter and supporting documents should be in German language or with German translations. Upon receipt of the written appeal the Embassy will re-open the file and re-assess your case. Thereafter you will be informed in writing about the revised decision. If a visa still cannot be issued, the Embassy will explain the reason of the visa denial to you and inform you about the legal remedies.

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