Ambassador Jörn Rohde

Ambassador Jörn Rohde

Ambassador Jörn Rohde, © German Embassy Colombo

22.11.2017 - Article

Born on 16 January 1959 in Bern, Switzerland, married with Sonia Lapointe, four children

1979                                        High School exam

1979-1981                              German Navy

1981-1986                              Studies of Economics, Plitics, Modern History at Freiburg

                                               University/Germany and Trent University/Canada (1983/84)

                                               M.A. at Freiburg University

1986-1987                              College of Europe Bruges/Belgium; Diploma in Advanced

                                                European Studies

1988-1990                              Diplomatic Academy at Auswärtiges Amt

1990-1991                              South Asia Desk officer, Foreign Ministry

1991-1993                              Cultural Attaché, German Embassy Jakarta

1993-1996                              National Expert, European Commission, DG I A, Brussels

1996-1999                              EU desk officer, Foreign Ministry Bonn, Council of Europe

1999-2001                              Deputy Consul General, German Consulate General


2002-2006                              Deputy Head of Unit for Cabinet and Parliamentary

                                               Affairs Foreign Ministry Berlin,

3/2006-6/2006                       Senior Advisor with Forum of Federations, Ottawa

 2006 - 2009                            Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy Ottawa

 2009 - 2013                            Head of East Asia Division, Foreign Ministry Berlin,

2013 - 2016                            Consul General, German Consulate General Bangalore, India

2016                                       Ambassador to Sri Lanka

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