Visa - Important information for all applicants

09.06.2020 - Article

General information

Sri Lankan and Maldivian citizens as well certain third country nationals residing in these countries need a visa to travel to Germany.

The purpose of your intended travel and other facts will determine what type of visa is required under EU and German law. As a visa applicant, you will have to

  • make sure that you meet all requirements to receive the category of visa for which you are applying.
  • make yourself familiar with the different services and different types of visa, as explained on this webpage.
  • make sure that you hand in with all documents and copies required.

In order to do this read carefully the explanations for short-term / Schengen visa and long-term / national German visa. The link to these pages are to follow. There you can also find the links for the respective online appointment systems for the category.

If you want to apply for a national German visa at the German Embassy or a Schengen visa at the VFS visa application centre you need an appointment. Visa appointments have to be booked online! Please note:

  • For a appointment at the VFS visa application centre in Colombo and Jaffna you have to register on this waiting list You will get a confirmation about your registration and again an email once your appointment is to be scheduled.
  • For an appointment at the VFS visa application centres in Malé you have to book an appointment via the VFS website. Please consult the VFS website for further information.
  • Think about others: please cancel your appointment as soon as you know that you are not going to use it. You will enable other applicants to use that slot! “No-shows” (applicants who do not use booked appointments) will be monitored and if necessary registered. Late arrivals will be asked to reschedule.
  • Appointment requests to the Embassy or VFS by phone or e-mail will remain unanswered.
  • Applicants who make online-appointments for the wrong type of service or the wrong type of visa will not be served!
  • It is NOT allowed to reserve multiple appointments for the same person.

Visa applications have to be submitted in person with the exception of applicants who have already given their biometrics at a Schengen Embassy recently. For further information please consult the explanation for short-term/Schengen visa.

Visa applications of minors have to be submitted by both parents. They have to sign a consent statement in front of the visa officer/ VFS staff member. If one or both parents/custodians cannot be present, the consent statement has to be signed and the signatures authorised by a notary public. Children 12 years and older also have to present at the time of the application.

Visa Fees

Schengen visa / Short-term visa (cat. “C”)

80 EUR ( in Sri Lankan rupees)

children below the age of six are free, six to below 12 pay 40 EUR in Sri Lankan rupees

Airport transit (cat. “A”)
80 EUR ( in Sri Lankan rupees)

Long- term national German visa (e.g. studies, family reunion, etc. )

(cat. “D”)

75 EUR ( in Sri Lankan rupees)

Minors: 37,50 EUR ( in Sri Lankan rupees)

Exemptions (visa issued free of charge):

  • Spouses/children of German citizens
  • Parents of minor German citizens
  • Spouses/children of EU citizens entitled to free movement under the EU treaties

Service fees payable to VFS

Additional service fees are payable to VFS. There is also a premium lounge available as well. For further information please consult the VFS webpage Link VFS.

Applicants should bear in mind that there is no need to use an agent to apply for a visa. Please be informed that the German Embassy is not related to these agents in any way. Their service may be without any value and in no case will bind the German Embassy.

Further information for applicants applying at the German Embassy

Copy services are NOT available on the premises of the German Embassy.

Please note that mobile phones and bags are not allowed in the German Embassy.


All information is based on the knowledge and experience of the Embassy at the time of writing this text. No guarantee can be given for the completeness and correctness, especially due to changes that have occurred in the meantime.

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