German Embassy provides financial assistance for economic empowerment of abused and amputee girls and women of Central Province in Sri Lanka

26.03.2021 - Article

The Centre for Handicapped, an organization the Embassy has partnered with before on micro projects, received a grant of over LKR 2 million this year again as a part of the Micro Project scheme of the German Embassy in Colombo.  In 2017, the Centre for Handicapped in Kundasale received funds which were utilized to provide prosthetic limbs for women in need all across the Island. The project came to a successful conclusion and many physiotherapy sessions and workshops were also conducted. The proposed project of this year has a similar objective but is more inclusive in terms of disadvantaged and vulnerbale groups as the beneficiaries include not only amputee girls and women but also sexually abused females in the Central Province of the country. Recent surveys have found out that 1 in 3 women have experienced either physical or sexual violence and the need to address and support the victims increases by the day. Therefore, this project intends to empower 10 sexually abused girls and women who are currently under the protection of the Women's Development Center (WDC) by providing them training for possible livelihood methods. Apart from that, the funds will also be used to provide good quality prosthetic limbs to 30 amputee girls and women and train such amputees to walk well with their artificial devices as well as empower them by vocational training and personal development through numerous workshops.

The agreement for this project was signed on 05th of March at the German Embassy between German Ambassador Holger Seubert, General Manager of Centre for Handicapped Mr B.M.Rejendram and Operations Manager Mr  G.J.S.Gunasena.

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