German Embassy supports small scale organic farmers in the North and East and encourages adoption of organic farming systems

29.03.2021 - Article

Under the Micro Project funding scheme of the German Embassy, a grant of over LKR 2 million was allocated to a project proposed by Comdu.it, a German organization of volunteers, which aims to build climate resilience among farming communities in North and East of Sri Lanka by establishing “NEOrganics” to foster widespread adoption of organic farming systems. The local implementing partner of the project is Suvadi (uarantee) Limited. The project intends to upskill small scale organic farmers and home gardeners and provides an enabling environment and organizational structure to incubate innovative ideas for improving organic farming systems. This will be achieved by providing training to organic farmers on working with organic equipment and ways to optimize their craftsmanship. The outcome of upskilling organic farmers increases the quality of organic farming products that can be marketed. A main outcome after 6 months (duration of the project) is the foundation of a new organisation named “NEOrganics” to represent the interest of organic farmers. The Embassy is delighted to support organic farming and crop production in Sri Lanka as it yields such vital benefits to the environment we live in as well as to the communities, and is without a doubt the way forward.

The agreement for this project was signed on 15th of March at the German Embassy between German Ambassador Holger Seubert and Co-Founders of Suvadi Ltd. Mr Achsuthan Thiruketheeswaran and Mr Prabu Nadaraja.

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