German Embassy provides funds for sanitation facilities to rural families in Kinniya

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Ambassador Seubert flanked by Thoufeeq Muhammed Jarooq, Director and Aboobucker Mohamed Mursith, Secretary of Serving Humanity FoundationAmbassador Seubert flanked by, © Embassy

11.03.2021 - Article

The German Embassy has partnered with many local organizations in the past to help provide sanitation facilities to rural areas in Sri Lanka through the construction of water wells, toilets and other means and it has remained a recurring theme in projects signed under the Micro Project scheme.

This year, the Embassy is delighted to support a project with a similar focus with a grant of over LKR 2 Million with the aim of supporting and empowering underprivileged rural families in the resettled villages of Kinniya in Trincomalee District through the provision of adequate sanitation facilities to end open defecation practices. The project is implemented by Serving Humanity Foundation and the funds will be utilized for the construction of 30 permanent toilet facilities to ensure safe and clean sanitation and hygiene which is especially vital in times of COVID-19. The beneficiaries of the said facilities will also participate in workshops on hygiene measures that should be practiced at home. Apart from health security during the pandemic, lack of privacy for girls and women due to the usage of open spaces instead of proper toilet facilities also remains a cause for concern. Therefore, the project not only provides easier access to improved latrines but also ensures increased safety and dignity for the girls and women in this rural community.

The agreement for this project was signed on 23rd of February at the German Embassy between German Ambassador Holger Seubert, Director of Serving Humanity Foundation Thoufeeq Muhammed Jarooq and Secretary Mr Aboobucker Mohamed Mursith.

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