Germany grants financial assistance amounting to more than 2 Million LKR for inclusive health care for children with disabilities

Ambassador Rohde, Deputy Ambassador Berg and President and Board Members of Human Link organization

Ambassador Rohde, Deputy Ambassador Berg and President and Board Members of Human Link organization, © German Embassy

17.06.2020 - Article

The German Embassy in Colombo signed an agreement with Human Link (Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities) on a grant of over two million rupees in an effort to promote inclusive physical and psychological health care of children with disabilities. Human Link, the implementing partner of this micro project, operates a resource centre for persons with disabilities since 2007 in the district of Ampara which focuses on  many aspects ranging from special education, skill development, health care as well as vocational training and religious and cultural activities. Taking also into account the new challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation, the funds provided by the Embassy will be utilized to establish a fully-fledged student-centered Occupational and Physiotherapy unit in the centre in Maruthamunai, Ampara with the procurement of appropriate learning materials, assessment and coaching equipment to facilitate the special needs of the children. Furthermore the voluntary staff of Human Link will receive training by qualified experts in order to use the materials appropriately and to assist the youth with Physiotherapy. Human Link will also conduct awareness sessions coupled with parent motivational programs. This will directly and indirectly benefit the 65 children currently attending the centre from various ethnic and religion communities with conditions like ADHD, hearing, speech and visual impairment, down syndrome, autism or cerebral palsy. The project also strives to increase the capacity to accommodate more participants in the program to up to 200.

The agreement for this project was signed on 17th of June at the German Embassy between German Ambassador Jörn Rohde and President of Human Link organization Mr K.M. Roshan and Board Member Mr. M. M. Nasmy. Deputy Ambassador and head of economic development Mr. Andreas Berg also attended.

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