The Climate Change Fund of the German Embassy

19.01.2021 - Article

After having already funded thousands of well-chosen projects focusing on climate change, environmental issues and waste reduction, the German government continuous to support climate-related projects.

General information

The Climate Change Funds is a revolving fund launched every year. The focus area though changes from year to year. Please find additional information to the current project focus at the end of this page.

There is no application deadline; applications can be accepted until the total funding amount of almost 3,4 million euros has been reached. Single projects should not exceed a total amount of 25,000€ (around 5,000,000 LKR). Funding period is the calendar year - e. g. funds must be used by November 30th (end of the fiscal year of the Embassy) and project works must be completed by the 31st of December of each year.  

Kindly attach a financial plan to your application. Kindly provide information on previous projects executed by your institution if applicable.

Background and possible projects aims

Our understanding of climate and ecosystems has improved enormously in recent years. Decadal climate predictions describe the trend of climate development in the next decade more precisely and location-specifically. They close the gap between short-term weather forecasts and long-term climate projections. Climate fund projects could communicate the findings of this research and possible adaptation mechanisms in affected or endangered regions via events or incorporate them into existing processes.

In addition to climate change, plastic waste has become a central topic in climate protection. Plastic production has increased twentyfold in the last 50 years. At the same time, the recycling rate is slowly increasing, but at just under 20%, it cannot stop a massive global input, especially into the oceans. Plastic waste has many negative consequences for the biodiversity and overall health of people. This massive problem could also be addressed in various ways by climate fund projects.

The rapid urban growth to be expected in the coming decades places special demands on the so-called “urban nexus” of water, energy, food and the environment. Climate fund projects could deal with the collection of best practice examples for this nexus, with the implicit shift of power from states to cities and their effects on peace and stability, and with the potential of smart cities for the design of climate-friendly and environmentally friendly cities and their resilience.

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