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Information on the Micro Project scheme of the German Embassy

General Information

With the Micro Project scheme, the German Embassy supports initiatives that aim at sustainably improving the social and economic situation of disadvantaged groups. Preference is generally given to projects in the fields of vocational training, income-generation, renewable energy and women’s empowerment.

Project proposals should be submitted between 1st September and 30th November, in order to be considered for possible funding in the following year.

What are Micro Projects?

 Micro Projects address the immediate needs of People.

 Micro Projects are implemented through active participation of the community and/or beneficiaries as well as input by the implementing organisation.

 Micro Projects need to be finalized within the calendar year (maximum duration: six months).

 Micro Projects are geared towards Non-Governmental Organisations and Community Based Organisations with experience in their respective fields or within a particular community.

 Micro Project grants do not exceed the equivalent of EUR 10,000.00.

Restrictions and Conditions

  Please print out the application form at the bottom of this page, complete the questions and submit a hard copy with two signatures of persons representing your institution. A cost breakdown / financial plan needs to be attached.

  •   No funding of labour and recurrent costs (salaries etc.) unless for specialists specifically hired for the project
  •   No funding of non-durable goods (e. g. food items for participants of workshops etc.)
  •   No extension of the project duration.
  •   No increase of funds.
  •   No change of the project objectives.
  •   Refund of the total grant to the Embassy in the event of non-performance.
  •   The German Embassy has to be informed immediately in the event of a Force Majeure or of non-performance of contractual obligations. The decision of the German Embassy in these cases will be final.
  •   Submission of “Proof of Employment of Funds” on the forms made available by the German Embassy together with all original payment receipts.

Further information

Please contact

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

No. 40, Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 3

TEL: (011) 258 04 31

FAX: (011) 258 04 40

E-MAIL: info@colo.diplo.de or wz-10@colo.diplo.de

Additional content

Granting over LKR 2,3 Mio for COVID-19 relief measures to the implementation partner, the Eastern Province Preschool Teachers Association.

German Embassy grants 136 pre-schools in Trincomalee District with PPE and handwashing points

Under the Micro Project funding scheme of the German Embassy, a grant of over LKR 2 million was allocated to a project proposed by Comdu.it, a German organization of volunteers, which aims to build…

German Embassy supports small scale organic farmers in the North and East and encourages adoption of organic farming systems

The Centre for Handicapped, an organization the Embassy has partnered with before on micro projects, received a grant of over LKR 2 million this year again as a part of the Micro Project scheme of the…

German Embassy provides financial assistance for economic empowerment of abused and amputee girls and women of Central Province in Sri Lanka

The German Embassy has partnered with many local organizations in the past to help provide sanitation facilities to rural areas in Sri Lanka through the construction of water wells, toilets and other…

German Embassy provides funds for sanitation facilities to rural families in Kinniya

Under its Micro Project scheme, the German Embassy in Colombo signed an agreement with Indira Cancer Trust to support the organization and its inspirational work with a grant of over Rs 2 million. The…

German Embassy grants financial aid to Indira Cancer Trust to support cancer patients through a livelihood development project

The German Embassy in Colombo signed an agreement with Human Link (Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities) on a grant of over two million rupees in an effort to promote inclusive physical and…

Germany grants financial assistance amounting to more than 2 Million LKR for inclusive health care for children with disabilities

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 further accelerates, the German Embassy in Colombo, under the Micro Project Scheme, has granted financial aid to PAFFREL (People's Action for Free and Fair…

Supporting vulnerable groups

 Water purifying filters to be provided to schools in Anuradhapura District

Seneru Sisu Saviya Foundation to partner with the Embassy

35 families received latrines to improve their hygenic situation.

Building latrines for needy families in Kinniya, Trincomalee

Aide in an economically weak region shaken by 30 years of war and the Tsunami.

Providing secure shelter from the elements and neat facilities to low income families

Creating financial independency for the families by using their land to cultivate income-generating agricultural products.

Empowering women of Kahagala South / Matara District

Training women from families in Kallady village in hygenic and sustainable food production.

Empowering women with low income obtain a sustainable livelyhood

Helping women with disabilities, young girls, such as school leavers, and other vulnerable women securing their livelyhoods.

Skills training for vulnerable women and girls in Trincomalee District

To create a safe environment and to protect the children living in the slums of Colombo

“Education for All”

Improving the water quality of communities in the fight agains the chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu).

Good Neighbors Sri Lanka (GNSL) in Kebithigollewa

Rajarata Janasahana Foundation2 Although Sri Lanka can record a significant economic growth since the end of the conflict in 2009, this growth is not evenly distributed over the country. Nearly 90% of…

Ambassador Rohde on a visit to a Micro Project in Rajanganaya

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