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03.11.2020 - Article

General Information

The protection and promotion of human rights are key priorities for the German Government. Article 1 of Germany’s Basic Law describes human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world. This means that Germany is committed to promoting human dignity and to protecting fundamental freedoms not only in Germany but throughout the world.

To promote this, the German Federal Foreign Office, through its Embassies all over the world, provides funds for sponsoring different projects supporting the protection of human rights all over the world, predominantly in emerging and developing countries. The amount of money granted can vary with a ceiling at 70.000 €. Essential for the application is a detailed financing plan that should include the use of some of your own resources. Furthermore, the application should include a description of how you would present your project results to the public (i.e. press releases, public events).

The German Embassy Colombo will call for project proposals for the respective following year. Projects must be started and be fully implemented within the calendar year (January 1st - December 31st).

Possible areas of support:

  • Strengthening civil society, especially support for human rights defenders, human rights institutionsand the media
  • Protection and promotion of women's rights / children's rights
  • Projects for a moratorium on the death penalty or its abolition
  • Economic, social and cultural rights
  • Combating torture and ill-treatment
  • Combating trafficking of human beings
  • Fight against racism and discrimination (especially discrimination due to sexual orientation)
  • Fight against impunity
  • Improve prison conditions
  • Support truth and reconciliation processes

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Human Rights - project application


Human rights projects of the German Embassy of the last months

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