Germany and the Maldives

Accreditation of Maldivian Ambassador Ahmed Latheef

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (r.) and Ahmed Latheef, Ambassador of the Maldives, on the occasion of the handing over of the letter of accreditation at Palace Bellevue, official seat of the Federal President., © Bundesregierung /Schacht, Henning

04.03.2020 - Article

The Federal Republic of Germany and the Maldives have established diplomatic relations in 1966. The German Ambassador in Colombo is simultaneously accredited in Malé / Maldives where Germany has an honorary consulate.

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Facilitating visa applications for Maldivian citizens in their home country.

Germany opened a permanent Visa Application Center in the Maldives

Ambassador Ahmed Latheef handed over his letter of accreditation.

New Maldivian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

Flag of Germany
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Flag of the Maldives
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Federal Foreign Office on the bilateral relations between Germany and the Maldives.

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What are Honorary Consuls (HC) and who is the HC in the Maldives: some comprehensive information.

Honorary Consuls (HC) in general and our HC in the Maldives

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