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13.09.2019 - Article

Germany is well known for its high level of education and promotes academic education in the country for locals and foreigners alike for many years.

With respect to the work force this high level of skills is achieved by the “dual education system”. It combines hands on experiences through apprenticeships in a company with vocational education at a vocational school. In over 300 professions trainees learn in depth what they need to know to become a professional in their trade.

To promote this way of training Germanys government is funding GOVET. It takes on an active role in helping to shape international vocational education and training cooperation. It establishes, structures and/or supports cooperation agreements and projects. It is assisting Germanys Federal Ministry of Education and Research with bilateral cooperation agreements instigated with six EU and ten non-EU states.

Parallel to bilateral cooperation between countries it also engages and supports other foreign actors in their search for cooperation and counselling like entri

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