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The German Embassy and the VFS German Visa Application Centre in Colombo handle visa requests from citizens of Sri Lanka and other third country nationals residing in Sri Lanka wishing to travel mainly to Germany, Austria (Schengen visa only), Estonia (Schengen visa only), Hungary (Schengen visa only) and Latvia (Schengen visa only).

Citizens of the Maldives and other third country nationals residing in the Maldives wishing to travel to Germany may also apply with the VFS German Visa Application Centre in Colombo or the German Embassy in Colombo.

Citizens of the Maldives and other third country nationals residing in the Maldives wishing to travel to Austria, Estonia, Hungary or Latvia have to apply with responsible Embassies in New Delhi.

EU nationals do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. Generally speaking, all other foreigners require a visa for stays in Germany. The European Community has abolished the visa requirement for semi-annual visits of up to 90 days for nations of some countries.

The following categories of persons are exempted from the requirement to hold an airport transit visa:

- holders of valid Schengen Visa, national long-stay visa or a residence permit issued by a Schengen country

- holders of certain residence permits issued by Andorra, Canada, Japan, San Marino or the United States which guarantee the holder's unconditional readmission

- holders of a valid visa for Ireland, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom

- immediate family members of citizens of the EU

- holders of diplomatic passports

- flight crew members who are nationals of a Chicago convention Country

Schengen Visa (i. e. short term visa up to 90 days within six months) applications will be handled through one of the VFS application Centers:

VFS Schengen Visa Application Centre, Brown's Capital Building, 3rd floor, 19, Dudley Senanayake Mw., Colombo 8  or

VFS Visa Application Centre, 89 Brown Street, JAFFNA


Tel. +94 (11) 235 06 30

Fax +94 (11) 454 11 42


The Embassy recommends all Schengen Visa applicants to submit their application at the VFS German Application Centre which is checking, whether your supporting documents are complete, will - if necessary - schedule an appointment at the Embassy and forward your application with your passport, fee and supporting documents to the Embassy.

Immediate family members (spouses, children) of German, EU, and EEA citizens and diplomats can submit their applications directly at the German Embassy Colombo. The same regulation applies to long term visa applicants (more than three months). Both groups need to schedule an appointment through the Embassy's online system.

Please note that online appointments are subject to availabillity. Walk-in applicants cannot be accomodated at the visa section.

Warning Message: To avoid being duped, applicants should bear in mind that there is no need to use an agent to apply for a German visa.

Visa applicants who wish to visit Germany, Austria, Estonia, Hungary or Latvia on a short term visit (only up to 90 days!) are kindly requested to submit all necessary travel documents to one of these two applications centers:

VFS Schengen Visa Application Centre, Brown's Capital Building, 3rd floor, 19, Dudley Senanayake Mw., Colombo 8  or

VFS Visa Application Centre, 89 Brown Street, JAFFNA


Tel. +94 (11) 235 06 30

Fax +94 (11) 454 11 42



All applications require to book an appointment!

Interviews will also be carried out at the German Embassy in Colombo, but we strongly recommend to make use of the services offered by the VFS German Application Centre. It offers: comprehensive information, competent counselling, transparency of appointment scheduling, flexible accessibility, reduced waiting hours, expedition of visa processing time, fast-track visa process for frequent travellers.

If you wish to submit your application at the Embassy please not that an appointment system is in effect.  

Warning Message: To avoid being duped, applicants should bear in mind that there is no need to use an agent to apply for a German visa.

Visa applicants who wish to apply for a residence visa to Germany  (91 consecutive days or more!) are kindly requested to submit all necessary documents to the German Embassy.

Please note that an appointment system is in effect.

Before making an appointment make sure to read carefully the Information leaflet which applies to your case.

Visa processing time

Applicants are advised to plan their travel and visa application well in advance and start the visa application as early as possible.

A Schengen Visa can be applied for up to three months before the start of the intended trip. Applications shall be processed within 15 calendar days of the date of lodging of an admissible application. In individual cases, notably when further scrutiny is needed, this period may be extended up to 30 calendar days. When additional documentation is needed, the period may be extended up to 60 calendar days. Waiting an appointment and processing times for Schengen Visas will also be considerably longer in the summer months due to a much higher demand for visas.

Processing times for long term visas are generally about three months, whereas family reunion visa which involve a document check of Sri Lankan documents usually take approximately six months, in some cases even longer.

The fee for all types of visa is € 60,--. It is payable in Sri Lankan Rupies according to the daily exchange rate of the Embassy which is published at the VFS German Application Centre and at the Embassy. You must pay the visa fee cash and with exact change. All visas fee payments are non-refundable.

Visa fee are waived for applications of immediate family members of German and EU citizens (spouse, child or dependent ascendant) as well as diplomatic and official passport holders travelling for official purposes.

Schengen visa fees are waived for children under six years and school pupils, students and accompanying teachers who undertake trips for the purpose of taking part in an exchange program, researchers for the purpose of carrying out scientific research, and representatives of non-profit organisations aged 25 or less participating in cultural events organised by non-profit organisations.

Children from the age of six years and below the age of 12 years pay a Schengen visa fee of € 35,--

A reduced fee of € 30,-- applies for long term visa applications of minors. The German Embassy may consider waiving or reducing the fees in individual cases of vital public interest or on humanitarian grounds.

Additional service fee are paiable to VFS. for further Information please consult their webpage.

Visa applicants have to make an appointment before appearing in the Embassy via 
Appointment VFS
In order to lodge your visa application at the German Embassy you have to book an appointment. As appointment slots at the Embassy are limited, we strongly recommend to submit your visa application through VFS.
Appointment Embassy

The Embassy would like to inform about the introduction of the new Visa Information System (VIS).

The VIS contains biographic and biometric data of persons applying for a Schengen visa. Its main objectives are to facilitate visa application procedures, checks at external borders and the exchange of data between Schengen countries on visa applications, as well as to assist in the fight against fraud and to enhance security.

As of 2nd November 2015 all visa applicants need to appear in person for the collection of the biometric data (photograph and ten fingerprints) when applying for a Schengen Visa.

For subsequent applications within 59 months, fingerprints can be re-used from the VIS file unless there is reasonable doubt regarding the identity of the applicant.

Exemptions from the fingerprinting requirement are provided for:

- Children under the age of twelve;

- (Handicapped) persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically permanently impossible;

- Heads of State and members of the Government, with accompanying spouses, and the members of their official delegation when they are invited by Member States’ governments or by international organisations for an official purpose

When applying for visa, you can provide evidence that you are able to meet your living costs by opening a blocked bank account. You have free choice of provider.

Information on providers that offer this service worldwide is available on the Federal Foreign Office website.

The photographs must be an unmounted, coloured, full-face photo with white background taken withing the last six months and measuring 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with the head centred. For persons wearing glasses, there must be no reflections around the eyes. Head coverings are acceptable only due to religious beliefs and then only when the applicant's face is completely exposed.

Complete your visa application online.

It is strongly recommended to complete the visa application form online.

The Schengenvisa application form

The national visa application form


  1. Select English.
  2. You can choose the icon for “new application” or the icon “import data” if you wish to upload personal data saved on your computer earlier into a blank form. Please fill in the application form completely and thoroughly.
  3. When you have finished to fill the form, click “save and print” directly from the form (do not use your browser application´s print option').
  4. Now you will find different options for processing the application. By clicking the pdf-icon, the application form will be checked for consistency and missing mandatory information. As long as information is missing or not correctly entered, you will be prompted and returned to the form. Once the application form is duly filled in, the file may be opened or saved (recommended) on your computer.

Very important: When the print menu opens, please chose “advanced” and then enable the field “print as picture” in Acrobat Reader´s Advanced Print Setup tab. This will ensure that a correctly sized and readable barcode will be generated for further processing your application by the German Embassy.

You will have to present the printed application form together with all supporting documents when you appear at the VFS Visa application center or the Embassy. This will reduce your waiting time at the counter.

Application forms and information leaflets

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