Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expresses his condolences to the President of Sri Lanka(unofficial translation):

فرانك فالتر شتاينماير ، الرئيس الاتحادي لجمهورية ألمانيا الاتحادية

فرانك فالتر شتاينماير ، الرئيس الاتحادي لجمهورية ألمانيا الاتحادية, © Bundesregierung / Steffen Kugler

22.04.2019 - Article

Important information

“Disgusted and horrified, I follow the terrible news about the cowardly terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, which killed so many innocent people and wounded many more. Particularly vile is that many peaceful worshipers in churches were targeted on Easter Sunday in these insidious attacks.

Germany stands by your side in the determination to oppose this inhuman terror. I convey to you, also on behalf of my compatriots, my heartfelt sympathy at this difficult hour. I wish the injured people strength and a speedy recovery. My thoughts are also with the bereaved and the friends of the victims and the local helpers. ”

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