25 years of Lanka Coco Products – A German-Sri-Lankan success story

11.02.2019 - Article

There is little that is so omnipresent in Sri Lanka as coconut palms. So what else could be more suitable than using these natural resources to produce high-quality, timeless and sustainable products locally? With the opening of Lanka Coco Products in 1994, the German company Roess-Nature-Group deliberately chose Sri Lanka as its production location – now, in 2019, with 150 people employed and increasing sales, it is clear that this decision was followed by a success story.

Lanka Coco Products
Ambassador Rohde on stage holding a speech.© Lanka Coco Products

The focus of Lanka Coco Products is the production of various erosion protection products, such as quilted coconut fibre mats, coconut fabrics or coconut rolls. Coconut fibre is a unique material because it has the highest tensile strength and durability of any natural fibre, which makes it so valuable for erosion control products. Lanka Coco Products' production facility is located north of the capital Colombo in the middle of the so-called “coconut triangle” of Sri Lanka and guarantees the Roess-Nature-Group the availability of coconut fibers of the highest quality. 

Ambassador Jörn Rohde came to Madampe in the North Western Province on January 17th as guest of honor for the 25th anniversary of the company. Before the celebrations, the ambassador was given a guided tour of the production site and was particularly impressed by the elaborate manual work required to process the coconut fibres. In a short speech he praised the successful development of Lanka Coco Products, which can also be a motivation for other German companies to invest in Sri Lanka. The German Embassy Colombo wishes Lanka Coco Products a steady growth and lots of success in the future and is looking forward to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2044 with an even bigger crowd.

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