North South University Programme

21.02.2018 - Press release

Colombo, December 6th, 2017

The German Embassy is proud to support the FAIRWAY Galle Literary Festival 2018.

Not only has the Festival established itself as a fixed event in the cultural scene of Sri Lanka, attracting authors and visitors from all over the world. It also draws crowds of Sri Lankans united in their love for literature, fruitful discourse and an exchange of ideas.

But next to these expected activities has the FAIRWAY Galle Literary Festival initiated the North South University Programme, inviting 60 English students and their lecturers from all universities of Sri Lanka to visit the Festival, to partake in the many activities, to meet the literary giants and to attend specialised workshops. The aim of this programme is to create a better understanding between the students and to encourage them to build lasting bridges between each other and between their teachers.

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